our Work

In pursuit of advancing conflict resolution and reconciliation through dialogue and mediation, Inter Mediate:

  • Promotes and facilitates dialogue

    We strive to ensure that meaningful and confidential dialogue is initiated wherever the appropriate fora for dialogue are non-existent or ineffective.

  • Provides support to peace processes

    Inter Mediate acts as a sounding board to parties involved in various conflicts around the world. Drawing on the experience and knowledge of senior politicians, diplomats, and experts, Inter Mediate responds to parties’ needs through sharing its experiences of past peace processes.

  • Runs backchannel communications

    In situations where face-to-face negotiations are impossible or inadvisable, Inter Mediate acts as an intermediary, using backchannels to facilitate communications between groups.

  • Offers training

    Building on the collective experience of our staff and expert consultants, we seek to prepare parties for effective participation in negotiations. We share lessons learnt in order to maximise the potential for successful negotiations.